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DJ, programmer, raconteur

I'm a bad boy baby, I fell outta heaven

Mister Vodka
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or, Everyone Else Has Written One, Why Can't I?

You probably know me from some g*th night. Sorry about that. I'm largely responsible for the Goth Up North stuff in Bradford; sometime promoters of Carpe Noctum, Carpe Diem, Infest aftershows, occasional related thingummies, and our current weekly night Bad Moon Rising. And I currently DJ for various sheepish.net events in Leeds - most notably Friday Flock and Woolstock. And, yeah, anywhere else that'll have me, I suppose: Integration (Leeds), Rios (Bradford), Amalgamation (Leeds), Dark-Cide (Preston), The Chosen (Bradford), Underworld (Manchester) etc.

My leisure time, such as it is, is largely spent pursuing the interests listed. I'm pretty sure that's enough information.

In between times, I fund the above by working in a technical management role at an IT company.

DJ, programmer, raconteur; mister_vodka lives in Bradford with a hangover.

These are The Rules
  • Feel free to add me and, unless I have good reason, I'll add you back. An introduction on my most recent public post would be considered polite if I don't know you.
  • I have, and freely express, opinions. You won't agree with all of them. Argue them, ignore them, whatever.
  • Public posts are public. All other posts may have any number of filters applied. I would be disappointed to discover you had assumed they were for public consumption.
  • If you're only here for my promo/opinions/rambling anecdotes/whatever, then please let me know and I'll apply the relevant filters so as not to bore you unduly. Otherwise, I'll take a guess.
  • I have an adequate supply of messenger buddies, stalkers, friends, critics, enemies, lovers, bankers, pharmacists, and Russian wives. Rich benefactors are always welcome.
  • The Rules may be changed at any time without notice.
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